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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Morrissey - People Are The Same Everywhere/Action Is My Middle Name/The Kids A Looker

Morrissey, this wonderful rebellious child of Mother Brittania is one restless spirit. To prove that he recorded a brand new yet untitled album, tenth in his solo career and performed three new track off that album which were broadcasted on BBC Radio 2. Now judging from what I've heard, Morrissey has not lost his songwriting and performing abilities and once more delivered some really astonishing songs. But then again this is Morrissey, no one expects by less from him. The guy's simply great. I can only imagine how good would his new album be. Well here's a glimpse of what's to come. Below's three songs recorded live at Maida Vale on the 10th of June for BBC. I think they're absolutely brilliant. Hopefully they won't be the last to hear from Morrissey.

Morrissey, този лиричен и непокорен син на Майка Британия е както винаги неподатлив на времената и нравите. Доказва го с чисто новите песни, които наскоро пусна в нета и които можеш да чуеш по-долу. Освен това Morrissey има записан изцяло нов материал под формата на албум, десети пореден за който все още няма издател, поне според думите на самия артист. Затова колко добри са новите му парчета можеш да се убедиш и сам, като преслушат тези постнати по-долу. Записани са на живо и излъчени на 10-ти Юни по радио BBC Radio 2. Да се надяваме, че това няма да е последното, което ще чуем от Morrissey.

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