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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lunar Eclipse 2011 Photos | Images | Pictures | Total Lunar Eclipse Today

Lunar eclipse and logo is interactive you can drag a button on a bar, and moon gets shadow of the earth. This eclipse is important because it repeats only in 10 years so this occasion considered as rareified one. In other lunar eclipse, moon passes through cone shaped shadow of the earth slightly so duration of eclipse is less, but this time on 15th June 2011th Lunar eclipse moon passed through center of the shadow which is the longest path, and so duration of eclipse occurrence is highest all most 2 hours. By the way we were talking about another interactive Doodle of Lunar Eclipse on 15th June 2011. I captured it for you if you missed it, here is two images first one with out sliding the bar and another with after sliding the button. Watch it out directly from here : Lunar eclipse 15th June 2011

Lunar-eclipse border=

Lunar-eclipse border=


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