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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Prosecution Calls Tattoo Artist in Casey Anthony Murder Case – What Does “Bella Vita” Mean Anyway? – Photo

Anybody who has been watching the Casey Anthony murder trial in Orlando has been impressed by the prosecution’s case in chief.

They have linked the duct tape, clothing, lying, and a host of other elements that seem to point to a guilty verdict.

And today the prosecution rested their case by ending with one very important witness.

Bobby Williams.

Williams is a tattoo artist who inked Casey with a tat that says “Bella Vita” in July of 2008.

Why is this so incriminating?

Because Casey received her tattoo less than a month after her daughter went missing and the definition for “Bella Vita” is “the good life” or “a beautiful life”.

More specifically, Italians use that phrase to mean without worry, carefree, no obligations, relieved from life’s problems.

Casey Anthony's Bella Vita Tattoo

Not a good move after killing your daughter and throwing her in the woods like a pile of trash.

Tomorrow the defense gets their chance to make sense out of all the lies Casey has told them.

Good luck and God speed.

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